Friday, 1 January 2016

Body image

I can openly admit that there are many things about myself that I would love to change. Or maybe I should say there are many things about myself that I dislike. It's crazy how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. There are things that you might hate about yourself, that others may love about you. But for some reason we are never happy.

I don't think there is anyone in this world who is 100% happy with their body image and if they are, well I would love to find out what their secret is. Instagram filters do not count.

It’s like we live in this augmented reality, where everyone is so wrapped up in what they see in the mirror that they overlook the important things. The fact that I can highlight this issue doesn't make me any different. It doesn't change the reality that we are just hateful to ourselves. I am guilty of self-hate. There are parts of me that I wish were smaller or more toned, or even bigger. The list continues. But where has this rooted from?

The media doesn’t help. With celebrities all finding new ways to stay young through plastic surgery, or freak diets that make you slim in 3 days. Then there is the Kylie Jenner’s of this world who chose to have lip fillers at the age of 17. It really doesn’t set the best example. It just confirms that we are so self-conscious and so focused on looks that we see past the crucial elements of what makes us who we are.

I agree to a certain extent that social media is to blame. I can imagine that this has impacted this issue – but I don’t think it has made things worse. The way I see it, is that I think social media has only opened our eyes to the reality that the human race is image conscious. We only see it more because there are more selfies, more videos, more statuses… just more of everything we were ignorant to when this wasn’t available.

Now the younger generation are more open to things -  they have more access to everything.

As a YouTuber and blogger, I find that it's important to set an example. I know that I am nothing major in this YouTuber world, however, those people that do watch my videos should be made to feel beautiful for who they are. I also think that if we congregate together to find a way to love who we are, then it's worth trying.

There is so much hate in the press - so many stories of bullying and suicide all caused by others hating others and also hating themselves. It makes me both angry and sad that this is what it comes down to. How do we make a difference?

I know it’s a contradiction that I am saying love yourself for who you’re, yet I myself have the same issues. I know that as a beauty blogger – makeup is the core focus, and I know that many people believe that it is yet another mask to hide insecurities. Maybe you’re right.

However, I find that makeup enhances your natural beauty, it doesn’t change you. For me, it’s more of a confidence boost rather that a permanent fix. There are bloggers and YouTubers and celebrities that are promoting body change and plastic surgery and honestly, it makes me mad. I think that yes, sometimes we hate the way we look, but were we not created in this way for a reason? This is who we are... why is that so hard to accept?


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