Thursday, 14 January 2016

Flash by Jimmy Choo

You all know how much I love my perfumes. Which is why I just had to tell you about my latest purchase. I was recently introduced to a new perfume - Flash by Jimmy Choo - which is officially one of my new favourites - and that's saying something. The classic feminine scent is nothing like any of my other perfumes. It's sweet but with a soft spice undertone and it has somewhat of an elegance about it. 

Jimmy Choo is never a brand that I would usually buy into, fashion or otherwise. I guess I just haven't ever considered that their fragrances would be any different to the thousands of other luxury brands out there. It's not until I smelt this on a friend of mine that I realised how beautiful it actually is.  

What can I say, this perfume comes in a sparkly box - it's a white box with silver glitter covering it. The feel is awesome and it's very feminine and glamourous. The typography is sleek, simplistic yet creative and the overall style portrays the name perfectly. 

I purchased a 100ml bottle which carries some weight to it. The bottle is a light lavender/blue colour with risen glass which forms the bumps - I do not know the right terminology for this glass work. The bottle shape is easy to hold and it's a suitable shape and size to throw in your bag. It's a simple style but works very well. The glass bottle reflects the light which is almost like a flash which I love, I think it's clever and reminds me of Hollywood glamour for some reason. The overall perfume portrays class and luxury which is in sync with the scent. 

How would I describe the smell?
This part I always find difficult because I think it probably smells different to other people. However, to me it has a light floral scent with hints of fruit. There is also a tinge of spice which makes the overall scent classy and elegant. It's sweet but not sickly sweet. It's truly a stunning smell and is perfect for both day and evening use. I don't think you need to spray much as the fragrance is strong and long lasting.

I purchased my bottle from and it cost £61 for 100ml. I recently found that Amazon are selling it at half the price, so I would definitely recommend shopping around. 

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