Monday, 11 January 2016

Goodbye 2015

I rarely write this style of post, more long form and detailed. Probably because I don't want to bore you and because I think blogs with more depth and detail take longer to write and need more consideration.

I have been waiting for the right moment to upload this post and as always, I delayed it thinking it needs work.. but finally here it is. I wanted this to be the first post of 2016, you know, that first post to start the New Year off with a bang - unfortunately that didn't happen! This is the first year that I have shared this style of post. Maybe it's because more has happened in 2015, or because I finally have found my rhythm. Balancing blogging, vlogging and work is a challenge and any of my fellow bloggers with 9-5 jobs will understand, there just isn't enough hours in the day to write as frequently as I would like to - which I honestly wish there was as I love doing this. 

Another big reason for the delay is because I have been waiting for SPRUCENEWS to be finished - as you may have noticed, a few things have changed on here...But of course, SPRUCENEWS will always be a work in progress for me as I always want to make it better and I will keep updating my site so it's more user friendly for you guys. However, I hope you like it! 

2015 was an amazing year for me, of course like everyone I have had some ups and downs (nothing major) but the daily stresses of life. However, I am all about focusing on the positive and there have been some amazing highlights for me which I wanted to share.. 

My nephew Teddy (Gary's sister's son) 
Teddy has got to be one of the cutest babies ever. He is so calm and happy, I just love spending time with him - yes, I am feeling kind of broody now! He is 5 months old and has just learnt how to roll.. amazing.

My niece Ariyana (My sister's daughter) 
Ariyana is my beautiful niece who was born November 23rd! She fills me with so much joy and love I am consumed by her. I have never been prouder of my sister and Ari is such a precious little girl! Happy to be Auntie Rocket once again.

When old friends meet again
I caught up with two very good friends which was so lovely! I haven't seen these girls in over five years and they haven't changed! They are still wonderful and thoughtful as they have always been. Honestly, I have found that when you get older, you find out who your real friends are. It's those who stick around and stay by your side. These ladies will be very much apart of my life and I'm so glad I know them.

Gary's best friend got married (he was best man) 
Another personal highlight of 2015, not as much for me, but for Gary. We were privileged and honoured to watch his best friend Joel and beautiful Daniella say their vows in September! The venue was incredible and both the bride and groom were perfection. I was so pleased and proud! Gary was best man and he was standing side by side with his best friend and brother (from another mother) Joel. I cried, and I'm not usually such an emotional person with real life events - anything on TV and I am a wreck, yes I know, pathetic. However, I was honoured to be invited and be apart of their special day and also thankful because I was with the bride and her bridesmaids as they got ready for the day so I was very much apart of it all. Gary also gave his best man speech which I know he had been working on throughout the year to make sure it was perfect and he raised the roof (I cried here also). 

YouTube and me
By the end of 2015 I reached 350 YouTube subscribers! I am so grateful and happy, over the past year I have had so much support from everyone and finally things are starting to progress which is such a big deal for me. Both my channel and my blog have gone from strength to strength in such a short space of time and I hope it continues to grow and I hope that you all enjoy the content and videos I produce. 
That 9-5
In April of 2015 I started a new job. I had been looking for sometime and finally I found a position that suited what I wanted to do. I rarely talk about work and I don't think I can share much on here about it, however, what I can say is that I have produced some awesome publications which I am proud of and I work with such an incredible team. #ContentQueens

I could be here forever listing all the amazing things that have happened in my life in 2015. Overall, I have to say it was an awesome year, challenging at times but I cannot complain with my life and I am lucky that I have some incredible people to share it with. 

Thank you all for your love and support! You make everything so much easier (emoji smiley face)

Roxanne xx


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