Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Love from Lush

Me and Gary agreed this Valentine's that we wouldn't buy each other gifts. After three years together we decided that we already know how much we love each other and that gifts would not be necessary. That of course flew out the window as soon as Gary placed this on my lap. He said he couldn't help it and wanted to surprise me.. Needless to say I was chuffed and well I did the same thing. Great minds think alike, well we do anyway. 

I love Lush, and I have been meaning to order some goodies for some time now! He knows me too well. The Lots of Love box has so many incredible products that I have wanted to test out, filled with floral and relaxing bath bombs and fizzes. It is incredible beautiful.

Lover Lamp - Bath Bomb
A French Kiss - Bubble Bar
Rose Jam - Bubbleroon
Tisty Tosty - Bath Bomb
Sex Bomb - Bath Bomb
Unicorn Horn - Bubble Bar

So far, I have used both A French Kiss which gives off such an amazing scent. This isn't one that I would pick up myself, however, it was so lovely on my skin and the Lavender and herbal aroma was so relaxing before bed I would definitely buy it again. The other product that I used is Sex Bomb which I used on Valentines Day and this is so lovely, the petals within the bath bomb floated on the top of the water really creating a romantic setting. It leaves a silky layer on your skin and the scent in beautiful.

I have also found good use of the Lush box, once I have used all the products - which believe me, will not take me long - I will be using it as mine and Gary's memory box, which I want to fill with pictures and cards and anything that I can keep that may one day my grandchildren will read.

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