Tuesday, 15 March 2016

As women get older

When does it all start to change? 

Have you ever consider this question? I was recently having this discussion with a few girl friends at work, and we came to the conclusion that we did not know. 

It's not just a fashion thing, although, this is what originally triggered my curiosity and questions. Personally, I think it starts off small. So small that we hardly notice the switch. Style changes, such as when you start believing that skirt or dress is too short for you. But at what point does this mentality kick in? 

I am 26, and already there are things that I do differently, it's partly due to the maturing process, but there is also something else - JUDGEMENT. 

It all started over a casual chat about Topshop - surprise surprise - my once favourite fashion store is now one that I hardly shop in due to the lack of good finds and the fact that the majority of clothing I now see within the stores are made for overtly skinny 12-18 year old's. This general chat escalated into what we think we can and cannot wear now. When did a group of 26 year old's start feeling self conscious about how we dress?

I almost feel prudish when I speak about this, because I would love to wear a crop top and feel confident. However, the thought of having my slightly flabby midriff out makes me shudder. Maybe it's all to do with confidence. 

I then started to flick through my Facebook - why oh why did I ever think it was cool to wear a belt over my clothes - what the fuck. Apart from realising that 18 year old me had no fashion sense, I also realised that in the last 10 years there has been a switch. 12 - 18 year old's are now wearing clothes that 20 - 30 year old's would wear. There is no longer a barrier between us - apart from the crop tops, they can have those. 

I think children are no longer children - well at least they do not act this way, they have become overly sexualised and have a broad platform to showcase this. To be quite honest, I feel sad. Having a childhood where you're treated like a child is something I treasure. The change in society has made a grown-up child more acceptable.  

Due to this, I believe that women in their mid 20's are being forced to mature quicker. Not necessarily in personality, but in other ways. We dress older to set ourselves apart, then more developments happen which are more to do with age - taste buds change, that fruit cider changes into red wine or G&T and then bam - I'm practically 40.  

Okay, that's a slight over exaggeration and there is nothing wrong with being 40. However, I think I have found an answer to this laborious question - well at least one answer as there are no doubt many. 

So, when does it all start to change? 

I think you change when society does. I think social media is a key influencer and I think we as women change, when our surroundings change, this can be due to confidence, marriage, children or general lifestyle choices. I am a firm believe that you're only as old as you feel. So therefore, we age when we start to feel older which inevitably triggers change. 

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