Sunday, 3 April 2016

8 Apps worth having

Spring has arrived. I cannot believe how quickly this year is flying by. 2016 has been incredibly busy already, so planning my time has never been more crucial. The one thing I felt I fell behind on the most in 2015 was organisation. My blogging schedule and also my videos never seemed to go up on time and I would go weeks on end without actually uploading anything. 

This year, all that's changing! I have no excuse for last year, I just let everything get away from me. My plan for this year is to focus on both my blog and YouTube channel and produce some epic content for you all. To help me achieve this, I have downloaded a variety of apps to get me both organised and keep me in contact with you all.  Of course, some of these I had already, but others I was introduced to at the beginning of this year and they have changed my life - okay slightly drastic, but they have helped a great deal.

Yes, we all use Instagram - this has been a fantastic app to share what I'm up to. Whether there is any new content on my blog, or whether I have a new video to upload I always post a picture on my page to show you guys. I also use Instagram for my health and fitness, sharing food ideas and updates about my gym progress. It's all about be focused and loving who you are. 

Oh this app has changed my world. Not only has it kicked me into gear through it's bad ass tasking! I include all my planned projects and set myself a deadline for each. By doing this, I make sure I produce new content on time when it's necessary! This is also a great app if you work in a team. You can add colleagues and friends - doesn't have to be work related. You could even use it to organise your holiday. I also find this useful to remind me to pay into my 52 week challenge fund. A gentle reminder is always encouraging. 

Okay, slightly random app, but I love the notes app on my iPhone. If I am ever travelling and I have a great idea for a blog or video, I always type it up in my notes then sent it to myself. It means that I can create content on the go and not worry about forgetting my ideas. I also use this to calculate my spending - this way I can keep track of what is coming and going out of my account and where I have spent money.   

Oh Twitter, how I love you! I have so much love for my Twitter app. This is one channel I use to communicate with you guys! People show me so much love on here and I love sharing what I'm up to with you all. 

I use VSCO to edit my YouTube covers - it's a fab little app which can filter your images and keep them their actual size.  The filters are much different to Instagram and there is also some incredibly inspiring people who use this and share their work. 


2016 is the year that I catch up with old friends and make more of an effort in general. Whatsapp is a great way to do that. It allows me to be in the no and say hi to people if I can't have that physical face to face. I also use is when I am abroad, this way I can talk with family and friends when I am on the go and it's free as long as I have wi-fi. 

Storage when you want it. I use Dropbox on my phone and at work to give me that extra storage. My personal Dropbox account is filled with pictures for my blog - it's a great way to not overload your phone. The benefit of having this app on your phone as well as your computer is that you can upload photos anywhere and you know you have them stored in a safe place. I love how Dropbox doesn't limit you, you can save not just photos but documents & videos as well. It’s so important to have things saved externally away from your usual places because you never know what will happen... 

I just had to add in this app because it gets me through the day. Listening to awesome music can change your mood completely. It's all about how you see the world and your outlook on life. I think music helps with this. Listen to an upbeat and positive tune and you're well on your way to having a good day! 

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