Wednesday, 14 September 2016

YSL Shocking Mascara

I have always wanted to try one of the YSL mascaras, but at £25 a pop this isn't a product I would ever purchase lightly. I think £25 is quite a lot of money to spend on a mascara that you're not sure you will even like. Plus, you're only buying the name - sorry YSL, but it's true. 

It's great if you can afford to splash out on expensive beauty products, but you have to be realistic with your budget. I'm saying all of this, yet I still own one. However, I didn't buy this, Gary did, to treat me which is extremely sweet and I am one lucky woman.

When I first applied this mascara, I have to admit I wasn't so impressed. The mascara was clumped to the bristles of the brush and I couldn't apply it on to my lashes without it going everywhere. I had to wipe the brush off with a baby wipe and start again. After doing so, it worked wonders. 

It really does fill out your lashes, which is difficult for me to notice usually as I have such long thick lashes anyway. I think this is due to the shape of the brush, which is rather unusual, it's twisted which I believe helps to create that volume affect. 

I must admit you do feel this mascara on your lashes, it's weighty but not unpleasant. I think due to the length of my lashes, only going over them twice is sufficient enough. On a positive note, it does brighten your eyes and the black is so intense. 

I think this is perfect to wear on a night out, but not day-to-day. 

The packaging looks so luxurious. I love the gold and the shape of the tube. It's honestly stunning and rather weighty. I love the font and the overall appearance. It represents YSL so well. 

Removing this mascara was simple to do, however, I was using my Charlotte Tilbury eye makeup remover which is strong stuff. I don't feel this will come off so easily with drugstore remover - or it will smudge everywhere. Definitely worth testing out I think. 

The mascara is long lasting and I do like it. However, I do feel that spending £25 on this is costly and not worth that amount of money. Especially in comparison to other drugstore mascaras that work so well. I do think this is due to the thickness and length of my lashes. I feel that if I had shorter, thinner lashes it would be much more impactful and worth purchasing. 

So, overall it is nice but I wouldn't reach for it everyday. There are better mascaras out there!


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