Sunday, 2 October 2016

The many smells of Brighton

You're probably thinking what the hell is the title of this blog all about. Well, I actually have an answer for you! From the minute we got into Brighton, I must have said around 12 different times - WHAT IS THAT SMELL! 

Whether it was the sea I was smelling, or a great whiff of someones dog. There are just so many smells in Brighton. If you didn't know, Brighton is a little seaside town situated in the South of England. It's one of those places that I have only ever visited twice, yet I love it there. There are many little quirks that are just so appealing and rather lovable in their own right. 

I wouldn't ever move there, nor do I see myself spending large quantities of time there. But, it's a great place to go get a fish and chips and walk along the pier. I recently went with Gary's mum Corrie and his baby nephew Teddy. It was a rather last minute trip and I can honestly say - it was great fun. So, today I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences in Brighton. 
Where do I start? 

First of all, look at this monster of an ice-cream! It was extremely delicious, rather expensive and also made me feel guilty as hell after eating it, but oh well!  Anyway, back to the list of all things Brighton...

  1. There are so many different smells - and not always in a good way! From Fish & Chips, to urine, wet dog and the sea!
  2. Great place to do a spot of shopping and walk up and down the lanes
  3. They do a bloody good ice-cream that makes you feel unbelievably guilty and a little bit sick afterwards 
  4. Freshly made doughnuts from Doughlicious are a must - just don't get 12 like I did - fatty!
  5. If you like fairground rides, this could be the place for you 
  6. So many places to eat, and quirky restaurants to enjoy
  7. One of the most culturally diverse and accepting places I have been to. I feel as if anyone is welcome in Brighton. It's rather beautiful
  8. There is no better place to eat fish & chips than on the pebble beach
  9. A bottle of water cost me £1.20 - I think I scowled at the extortionate price, yet I paid it anyway!
  10. Parking is a nightmare, so go early to try and find a good space that isn't million miles away from the town centre
  11. Watch out for the Seagulls! They shit absolutely everywhere - your head being one of them - and they pinch your food!
  12. Home to some of the coolest, quirkiest and just fabulous vintage stores and markets.  Go on a Saturday and just get lost in it all

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