Saturday, 21 January 2017

Get creative with breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to scientist, nutritionist and anyone with a fitness Instagram page. But one thing I find is that I either don't have enough time in the morning to fix up a good breakfast or I go for something boring that's easy to make. Not that this is a problem, but there is only so much porridge one girl can eat. 

So I decided to do some research to find some quick and easy fixes to kill my breakfast hunger and also satisfy my need for good tasty food. Here is one of my breakfast go-to options for the everyday hard working person. 

  1. Granola! This can be your choice, I personally prefer extra nutty Granola with no dried fruit. The added nuts give it a better crunch and I find I am more full after eating this type. 
  2. Hazelnuts - I always like to add extra hazelnuts to my breakfast. Nuts are healthy fats so it's worth including. However, it's not necessary if you don't want to, I just like it! 
  3. Natural yogurt - I always go with the full fat natural yogurt. It's only two extra calories than the low fat version. It's the same amount of sugar also. Add two or three tablespoons of this on top of your Granola.
  4. Mixed berries - you can add whatever fruit you like, but I like to have berries. They give little hints of sweetness and are easy to eat. They also taste great with yogurt! 
So that's it. Mix them all together and get stuck in! 

I hope you found this useful! 
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