Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Why I'm Keeping It Simple

Lately I have been having so many issues with my skin! Ugh, it's just been terrible.  I'm not sure if it's due to the weather, a hormonal thing or perhaps a product that just isn't working well on my skin. But whatever the reason, I'm a 27 year old woman getting blemishes like a 17 year old girl. It's not good! 

Due to this, I have decided to take drastic action and stop using all of the usual products I would put on my skin. Instead, I have stripped back completely and started using Simple. After researching the best way to balance out my skin and get back my clear healthy looking complexion, I found that I needed to first find the route cause of the problem. However, in this little trial of mine, I have  discovered that I really do not look after my skin well. I use harsh products and I really do not remove my makeup in the right way! Oh and I have seriously fell in love with Simple products. 

Nothing like a little self discovery right! 

Yes, yes I know Simple is a brand that is targeted at younger women/teens  which I'm not sure if I sit in that bracket at 27? Do I need to start using anti-ageing products now??? I think not! Anyway, I don't care if I'm not in their average age category. After using their day and night cream as well as the cleansing wipes to remove my makeup. I have seen dramatic changes in just a week and I really like how dewy and soft it makes my skin. 

My skin has a glow and I really love that not only is it great for you, packed with vitamins to help nourish your skin but it's also super affordable and doesn't have any weird smells to it. I don't know about you, but I am so tired of spending stupid amounts of money on products that just break me out. In actual fact, I'm pretty pissed about it. 

I won't be doing that anymore without getting a sample to try first. I have learnt the hard way. 

I have decided this is my go-to brand of the month already and it's only the second week of March! If you are in need of a product(s) that can help re-balance your skin, make you feel good on the outside and clear up those blemishes, then try them out!

I hope this was helpful!! 
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