Thursday, 6 April 2017

Gymshark... is it worth the HYPE??

I recently decided to invest in four pairs of Gymshark leggings. After seeing SO many fitness YouTubers and instagrammers wearing them, I wanted to find out for myself whether all the hype was worth it. Let me just tell you, they really are. 

I am new on my fitness journey - which you can follow on my separate Instagram page! This is where I take progress pictures and where you can follow how well I am getting on with my new healthy lifestyle. 

A huge part of my fitness journey is hitting the gym around four times a week. One thing I have found a problem is finding the right fitness gear. It's so hard. I have purchased so many different types of leggings - usually high-street brands which is what's affordable to me. However, by purchasing these I have found that they don't last very long before starting to fade. This is what really spurred me to buy from Gymshark. They may be more expensive then what I usually pay but the quality of the fabric and the overall style makes them worth it. Check out my video below to see what they look like on and my overall thoughts!

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