Monday, 8 May 2017

Why 13 Reasons Why will save lives

If you haven’t been watching the latest epic series on Netflix then you’re missing out. After randomly switching this on, I have been binge watching for the last three days.  Each episode takes you on a journey and you feel all kinds of emotions. Mostly sad but those feelings are totally worth it. I don't want to share too much detail because I don't want to spoil it for you but let me tell you what this series is all about:

Hannah Baker has committed suicide. The story begins here. With everyone wondering why she did it, a series of tapes calling out the names of 13 people whom she blames for her death come out of the woodwork. These tapes make their way into the hands of Clay Jensen - a really nice guy who has always had a huge crush on Hannah. 

The show starts to unravel with his discovery of the tapes. You see flashbacks of when Hannah was alive and all that she experienced. If you think about what your life was like in high school (or secondary school for us in the UK) or maybe you're experiencing this right now, you can only imagine the horrible shit that goes down. 

You're taken on this journey of one persons thoughts, feelings and experiences which is really moving and emotional. There are some extremely graphic scenes which may disturb you so please keep this in mind when you watch it. Also, if you have ever experienced anything that they share within this show then please speak to someone. You're not alone! 

I have read that this show is a trigger for anyone in a dark place. Which I can understand because it may cause you to have feelings which you're trying to overcome, or even remind you of what may have happened in your life. If you feel that this could happen to you, then please do not watch it. 

It's a great series which highlights a huge issue that we have in today's society. So many people are bullied, abused, suicidal and depressed. I think with this show coming out, it will hopefully make people more aware of their actions and stop bullying. I also hope it provides help to those people who have been in this situation or have been thinking about these things to seek help. There is a support system out there. 

I loved this series. I have been fortunate enough to not have experienced anything like this, but I do know others that have. Things need to change and maybe this series will reinforce that change. 

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