Friday, 12 January 2018

Reflection and understanding personal space

I'm not sure if this blog is going to make an ounce of sense but I have felt the urge to write it for the last week. I wanted to discuss the importance of personal space. 

The term 'Personal Space' in the dictionary refers to the physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which encroachment can feel threatening or uncomfortable. 

Although the general definition discusses physical space, I also think personal space can now take many forms. Not only is it physical - in the sense where it's someone in your face, but it's also digital and for me it's a mental state as well. The reason that I am writing this is because lately, I have been struggling with this issue. 

I am a friendly and a somewhat social person. As a YouTuber and Blogger I have allowed myself to be on social platforms where I share certain aspects of my life. Yes, this is a personal choice and for the most part I absolutely love it. However, by doing this, it has opened up the door to people who do not consider the importance of backing off at times or knowing when to give me space. 

I think many people struggle with this but cannot formulate the right words to express how they are feeling. Which is also why I wanted to write this piece. To tell you that it's okay. 

It's not selfish to want personal time. It's not selfish to want people to leave you alone so you can just have 5 minutes of silence to re-energise. I'm not sure if it's a lack of awareness or understanding but for me people need to learn when enough is enough. When they need to back off and be respectful of someone else and their personal space and you have every right to tell them. 

There are times where we all like to be in our own little bubble where we can find peace and reflect. We all need our own time and that's okay.

There are a number of ways I take time to reflect. Whether that's having time to myself or being with Gary. He is like my anchor. He is the only person a part from my dad who can calm me. His presence is just relaxing. I think everyone needs someone like that, who can just make you forget your situation even for 10 minutes to help you to re-balance. I also like to take time away from my phone and people in general. It's not to be rude but it's just to take a break from everything. It really does help. 

I rarely get stressed or bothered by these sorts of things, but lately I have. Getting space has helped me to cope and focus. If you're ever feeling like things are getting too much, be sure to reach out to people who you know have got your back. who will help you to get back up and carry on. 

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