Friday, 26 January 2018

Stop trying to be like everyone else

One of my affirmations is proudly saying that I am my own person. I am unique.  Not in a big headed way, but in the sense where I am truly myself. No-one is like me because how can they be. Only I can be me. 

When I was growing up I had a variety of friends. We were always in competition with each other, even though we would never admit it. We would dress the same, act the same and pretty much do the same things. But we were never actually friends. I didn't know the meaning of true friendship until I was myself. I now surround myself with people who love and accept me for me. 

I think this is a common thing when you're a teenager. The need to conform and feel 'normal' or 'cool'. Now, looking back I couldn't have been more wrong. By conforming I lost the greatest thing about myself. ME. 

I lost who I was because I thought to fit in, to be seen as cool would be to follow everyone else. 

It's a huge failure really. They don't teach you in school or college the importance of loving who you are. They don't compliment uniqueness and individuality. 

In fact, I'm not sure I was ever taught these important life skills. The system is failing because relevant knowledge isn't being taught or shared when we are younger. For instance, I think learning how to save money, understanding mental health, appropriate sex education and learning to appreciate yourself would be more relevant and useful then some of the lessons they teach in school. 

I came to learn more about myself when I went to university. I realised that I didn't need to be like other people. I'm perfectly fine just as I am. 

That doesn't mean that people don't inspire me. I have aspirations and I do look up to people who have made an impact on my life or have achieved something that I too would like to achieve one day. However, I will make my own impact one day but it will be my way. 

This enlightenment has changed my mind-set completely. I now understand what drives me, what makes me special and how I can use that to have a positive influence on others and be successful. 

The truth is, until you learn who you are, how can anyone really get to know you? How can anyone see your great qualities and awesomeness? They can't. 

So stop trying to be like everyone else and just be you. 

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