Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Palette

You may look at this Huda Beauty mini palette and just see a few orangish eyeshadows with little inspiration. I look at this palette and see six different eye looks I could recreate over and over again. 
This is the perfect holiday palette and my go-to summer palette for 2018. It's my favourite Huda Beauty palette so far and I think this is perfection for all of my olive skin tone ladies and gents. Within this palette you get nine shadows - two shimmer shades and seven matte shades. The pigmentation is stunning and the depth and warmth you can create is fantastic.

They are extremely easy to blend and great to build up as well. Coral shades are my personal favourite for the summer time and this palette has plenty of them. Every shade perfectly compliments the other so you can really diversify your looks. 

I do find that shade three and shade eight are very similar, although three is more pink than coral they do have a similar payoff. This isn't great when you consider it's only nine shades, but I don't mind too much. 

This compact palette costs £25 in total.  Which for a palette of this size can seem rather expensive, so please do consider the cost and whether you can find cheaper alternatives. 

Overall, I love this little palette and it's definitely one I will be reaching for this summer. 

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