Sunday, 20 May 2018

The best face oil ever

I'm a little late jumping on the Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil bandwagon, but let me tell you, my skins never looked so good. 

I'm not really one to hop on the latest trends, it's just not a done thing for me and well my bank account wouldn't allow it anyway. So I may be 2 years late to the party for this one, however I still feel the need to rave about my new found love.  

Before I purchased this I read hundreds of reviews. I would say at least 80% of them were positive. Some use it because they have acne prone skin others because they have sensitive skin. I use it because it gives me a gorgeous glowing complexion that I cannot get enough of. 

I have combination skin and I was always worried that using a face oil would just cause mayhem. I was completely wrong. I've now found the perfect combination of products for me and I'm happy to say, it's working. 

So what's s great about it?


As I said, I am in love with this product. It's like my secret weapon to great skin. The oil contains Vitamin C which provides the brightness and also helps to replenish and nourish your skin. You can use it in a variety of ways, it's just working out what's best for you. 

Although it's an oil, I don't find it greasy and it soaks into your skin very well. It's gentle on and really does give you the perfect glow. 

The product itself is a liquid formula. Clear in colour. It doesn't have a scent which I personally prefer. It spreads across your face with ease and you're not left with any greasy residue. 

Most people use this in the morning before applying foundation. However, because I'm not someone who wears foundation or makeup on a daily basis, I have found that applying at night allows me to have a clear glowing complexion in the morning. 

I find it extremely hydrating and it helps to heal my skin overnight. I take 2 drops and apply them directly to my face. The I slowly massage them into my skin. 

It works well for me and I'm super happy with the results. 

Tarte's Maracuja Oil comes is this beautiful deep purple glass bottle with a glass dropper. It's sleek, simple and looks luxurious. 

This costs £42 on the Tarte Cosmetics website. You can find it here.

Overall, I really would recommend this product. It's honestly the best face oil I have ever tried. The price is a little steep but definitely worth the investment. 

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