All opinions and views on Sprucenews are my own (Roxanne Chand). Anything I have mentioned is for information, enjoyment and reviewing purposes only. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and these are mine. I do not wish to offend or insult anyone by what I say or write in my blogs and say in my YouTube videos. Anything that I say in regards to a product is my honest viewpoint. I am not paid nor have I ever been paid to write a product review. If this is ever the case, I will always be honest and open as I have always been.  I'm just offering my review and opinion on particular products and how they work for me.

Sprucenews is filled with various content, and I want to create a reliable and trustworthy space where I share information on beauty, health, lifestyle and more for all of my loyal readers and I will never be paid or incentivised to speak positively about a product if I do not agree with how that product works. I want my readers to feel they can trust me because I would never review a product if I genuinely didn't like it. I like to feel that I am constructive in my opinions and if I really dislike a product, then I will say so.

Guest posts
Any posts written by alternative authors will be labelled as a guest post, otherwise, they are all written by myself. 

If you're interested in becoming a guest writer for Sprucenews please send across you full name, contact information, examples of you writing skills, ideas on what content you would like to write about and the reason behind why you want to work with me at Sprucenews. Send all details to 

Please note that I will always give my honest opinion on any product that I feature. Subsequently, if I believe a product is less than satisfactory, I will do my best to explain why the product was disappointing. My opinion will never be biased or swayed by any PR relationship; I am here to tell you exactly what I think and to aid you in any purchases you may choose to make yourself.

I believe that honesty is the way forward and I will not lie to you in any way  shape or form to benefit a company. All my opinions are my own.

If you're a PR company and you're looking to work with me, please send me an email. See contact section for my details. 

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